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Darren King is a Master Carpenter with more than
30 years of experience.

Located in West Kelowna, BC.  
Serving the Okanagan Valley.

Specializing in one-of-a-kind, custom built, distinctive pieces
utilizing the beauty and rustic elements of reclaimed wood
and other unique timbers.
By his design or your vision...
handcrafted elements to fit your home and needs.

> Furniture

Bar Table

Octagon Picnic Table
Dining Table
The characteristics of this table are unique.  The splits in the wood planks are filled in and sealed.

Dining Table
Alternate view showing the raw edge and leg style

> Project 3

Ship was built from a kit...I added the boarding plank.

> Project 2

> Project 1

> Concrete Works

> Gates

> Interior Beams